The North Face Hyper Track – Guide Review

The-North-Face- Hyper-Track-Guide-reviewI recently completed a review for one of The North Face’s latest trail shoe for The Outdoor UAE Magazine can find the full article and review at this link :

Enjoy :-)

Lisa Tamati’s Runners Jewellery ..

lisa-tamati-photoThought I’d pass on some rather unique runners jewellery hand made by the talented and legendary adventurer & ultra runner Lisa Tamati.

I met Lisa while taking part in the Manaslu Mountain race in Nepal last year and become good friends ..For those of you that don’t know who Lisa is and what she’s done well her bio or running resume reads like a Lonely Planet guide to the… planet. Having run more than 60,000km to date, Lisa has traversed on foot almost every major desert in the world, run the 2250km length of New Zealand in 38 days (averaging over 50km a day), and is among the top female ultra-athletes in the world.

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Back on the Blog ….

Well yep guilty of not keep up the blog ..and can’t believe how quick time has flown by since I last wrote anything, but with the weather being so great in the UAE this last 6 months as well as so much going on in the last part of 2012 and just an awesome start to 2013 I just haven’t had time to sit down and knock out a decent update …but now sadly back at work for a few weeks offshore and time to look back and bring everything up to date with a promise to keeping things up to date for 2013….

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On The Showka Trails


So its Saturday 11th August, 03:30 and I’m getting out of bed ready to hit the showka trails. Been waiting 4 weeks and with my run up wadi Sidr on Thursday night i’m itching to hit Showka.

04:30 and I’m out the door in the car and on the way … 15 minutes later i’m on the straight kalba Road heading out through desert with the early morning light just starting to break … passing by fossil rock and 30 minutes later I’m at the showka hills ..and ready to Roll.

Day Light now making a show but the sun still hidden by the Hajar Mountains, i’m racking up my back pack ( North Face enduro 13) ..quick stretch ..GPS on ..and i’m off ..!!!

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Back in the Sand Pit….

Finally arrived back in Dubai early afternoon Thursday 9th August, after a 4 week stint offshore … & what  better way to start my off time than with a 26 km night trail run up Wadi Sidir.

This was my first time hitting the wadi and it was a night run as well so was definitely going to be a challenge. The Wadi it self is situated mid way between Masafi and Al Hala just off the E89. The route takes you on a steady climb of some 14 km up a rough rocky trail which kept you busy dancing and skipping over the loose rocks, mean while keeping your self focused on the trail illuminated by the small head lamps that we were wearing.

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