Hi and welcome to Dubai Trail Running.com, thought I’d pass on a few words as to what the sites all about !! As you probably aware I’m still working on the site so bare with me as I get to grips with all this web design stuff.

Bottom line is.. I aim to bring you a Guide to Running Trail here in Dubai and the UAE …I started running trail by myself seriously last year in the Hajar Mountains which is about 45 minutes from Dubai city and couldn’t believe there wasn’t more of a trail running scene or even an official trail running group set up here in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE for that matter.

One good thing about Dubai though is it hosts a huge running community, with several well established running groups (mirdif milers is my local running group) supporting major running events which are staged through out the year ( check out www.premiermarathons.com as well ) so with a great foundation in running already established I thought an official Trail running site would be a great idea to give people bored of of pounding the asphalt and dodging cars, or even those that are passing through the sand pit, a chance to experience something new and challenging.

Fortunately Dubai not only has great trail running mountains to explore but a sea of stunning desert and dunes to add to the challenge ..nothing beats training on sand especially for those savage multi day events like the MDS, Four Deserts etc ..

Anyway I will keep you all posted as things Develop …..run easy & enjoy :-)